Summer Dream – TUBE (English Lyrics)

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Opening up once again with the number one domestic videos from the number one favorite performers of the country and we kick up today with the one that’s hot on the charts. Summer Dream TUBE.


Nagisa no kasetto
A Beach Cassete

I only pack my favorite song

If I can turn off the “accelerator’s handle” for this summer

The summer breeze would be merrier

They are diffusing

The Sunrays that are brigther than you

It’s the same scenario, the heart moving

And as it gets closer it hurts right?

Summer Dream 光る波をバックに
Summer Dream with Glowing waves in the Back

君とSummer Days 焼きつけたいよ
With you These Summer days I want to engrave!

スリルと孤独を 分かちあえたら
If we spend thrill and loneliness with you

愛だけを抱きしめたい Summer Dream
I’ll hold you tight with love, Summer Dream


There’s Sand of Aslphat

I stopped the car along the coastline

Then I Jumped into the Sea with my shirt on

I can’t wait for the summer

Summer Dream シャイなハート重ねて
Summer Dream Shy Heart Once again

二人 Summer Days 泳ぎ出すのさ
Both of us Summer Days Starting to Swim!

輝く時ほど うつろうけれど
Although these brilliant moments are fading

いつまでも離しはしない Summer Dream
We won’t be apart forever Summer Dream

Summer Dream 光る波をバックに
Summer Dream With Glowing Waves in the Back

君とSummer Days 焼きつけたいよ
With You Summer Days I want to engrave

スリルと孤独を 分かちあえたら
If we go through thrill and loneliness

愛だけを抱きしめたい Summer Dream
I want to hug you with just love Summer Dream

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