Dear Breeze – Sugiyama Kiyotaka

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入江が見える高台の MY HOUSE
Irie ga mieru takadai no MY HOUSE
A river can be seen from above MY HOUSE

窓を開ければ 波音のセッション
Mado wo akereba nami oto no SESSION
If you open the window, there’s sea wave sounds SESSION

いつの日にか この海まで 帰る気がしてた
Itsu no hi ni ka kono umi made kaeru ki ga shiteta
These days I felt like coming back to this beach

Ichidou wa tokai ni tsunde mo
But right now I live in the city

Dear Breeze 少年のあの日に
Dear Breeze shounen no ano hi ni
Dear Breeze To the young boy of that day

Dear Breeze 誓ったあの夢を 抱えて
Dear Breeze chikatta ano yume wo kakaeru
Dear Breeze Carry that promised dream

With my index finger I tried to play PIANO

So I could feel the flow of time TUNING

今 隣で眠る君を 連れて来たかった
Now I wanted to bring you along to sleep next to you

生まれたこの部屋 2人で
In this bed made for two

Memories 僕が作る歌は
Memories I made through songs

Memories いつもこの渚のイメージ
Memories That image of the shore Always

Sunset Beach 夕陽に映るのは
Sunset Beach The reflection on the sunset

Sunset Beach もう少年じゃない
Sunset Beach I am no longer a little boy

Dear Breeze
Dear Breeze
Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach

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